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In-Person Weekday Classroom: Fire & Life Safety Director (F-89) – Fire & Non-Fire with Active Shooter


Course Description


To all our client and students that support NY Fire Consultants and the NY Fire Safety Institute. We want to make you aware of the precautions we are taking to limit the spread of the Coronavirus 19. We have had our maintenance staff bleach all the classroom tables, chairs and bathrooms. We are using a Clorox and water solution. We have stocked our bathrooms with antibacterial hand soap and Purell hand sanitizer. We have always done this, but we have increased the frequency of the cleanings. All students are urged to use common sense in that if you feel ill please don’t come to the class. Just notify us and we will reschedule your training program to a time when you are feeling better. We have urged our instructors to be vigilant in the observation to any excessive coughing or sneezing. If that is detected, we will ask the student to leave the class and reschedule their training. We are taking these precautions to protect all involved. Please pay attention to your own health and what your body is telling you and again If your sick stay home.

The Management Staff of NY Fire Consultants and NY Fire Safety Institute.

This is the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) accredited course for Fire & Life Safety Directors (FLSD). The course provides the required 31-hours of instructions over 6 days.

The Fire Safety Directors, Emergency Action Plan Director and Active Shooter/Medical Emergency courses have been combined into one course made up into two components. This Fire & Life Safety Directors (FLSD) course is covered in two Components
(1) Fire Safety Components,
(2) Non-Fire Emergencies with Active Shooter/Medical Emergencies Component


This Fire & Life Safety Directors (FLSD) course is required for all hotels and office buildings.

Pre-requisite for FLSD F-89: 1.5 years of Fire Safety related experience, including 6 months of experience in one property.
Click link to review new qualifications criteria: 

FDNY requires that you attend all classes and receive a mark of 70% on NYFSI’s final exam for this course. Those passing with a mark of 70% or higher are granted a diploma from NYFSI, which must be presented at the Fire Department.


Additional Info

A Fire Life Safety Director (FLSD) is required in any commercial building or occupancy that obtained FDNY approval of the installation of a fire alarm system with two-way voice communication, and is required to provide a FLSD or other specified emergency preparedness staffing during regular business hours required by Chapter 4 of the Fire Code.

Any building classified as Group E (1968 Code) or Group B (2008 Code) by the NYC Department of Buildings, which has an occupancy of 100 people or more must have a Fire & Life Safety Director on site during regular business hours. This includes office buildings, public or civil services buildings, and hotels. The Fire & Life Safety Director must hold a valid Certificate of Fitness and is responsible for implementing a fire safety and evacuation plan, training fire safety personnel (FSP), and other duties related to fire safety and evacuation plans.

This Certificate of Fitness is valid only at a specific location and for the specific person to whom it is issued.

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The classes are taught at NY Fire Safety Institute, located in The New Yorker, A Wyndham Hotel, Suite 618 (8th Avenue at West 34th Street). See below for directions.
An FDNY approved and accredited school

Weekday Classes

Our weekday Fire Life Safety Director’s classes are a total of six (6) sessions. The six days will cover Fire Component, Non-Fire Emergency, and Active Shooter/Medical Emergencies component

PRICE: $525

(includes book)