NY Fire Consultants
NY Fire Consultants
These quiz questions are intended to assist students as they prepare for both in class exams and FDNY computer-based exams.  The questions test students' knowledge of the FDNY study material.  The questions are not actual not actual exam questions.  Rather, the quiz questions are relevant to topics students should master in order to prepare for the exam.

Non-Fire Component Quiz

1) In the event of a non fire emergency in or affecting the building The FLSD should report to:

  1. a) area of the emergency/threat 
  2. b) Appropriate building entrance to assist first responders
  3. c) The assigned location of the building engineer
  4. d) Fire Command Center


2) The area of the building that may be in close proximity to the threat /incident and experience the immediate impact of the threat/ incident is known as________


3) An all clear announcement can only be given by: 

  1. a) The FLSD
  2. b) The owner
  3. c) The proper Authorities
  4. d) A responsible person


4) After the Fire Departments acceptance of a buildings Emergency Action Plan, how many non fire drills must be conducted within the first year?

  1. a) four
  2. b) one
  3. c) two
  4. d) six


5) Which of the follwing is not a recommended action during a non fire emergency? 

  1. a) shelter in place
  2. b) partial evacuation
  3. c) roof relocation
  4. d) in building relocation


6) Choose the correct statement regarding elevator use during a non fire emergency: 

  1. a) During non -ire emergencies, elevators should be operated in phase 2
  2. b) elevators in manual mode will not respond to a Phase 1 recall
  3. c) elevators used during a non fire emergency must be provided with 2 way voice communication
  4. d) Elevator use during non fire emegencies must be directed by floor wardens or brigade members


7) Select the incorrect statement regarding chemical biological and radiological substances:

  1. a) The affect of biological agents is often immediate
  2. b) many chemicals have a unique ordor and color
  3. c) Biological agents can be in either liquid or powder form
  4. d) High dose radiological substances have a unique smell and are easily seen . 


8) Select the correct statement regarding natural gas leaks: 

  1. a) Natural gas is odorless
  2. b) Natural gas is heavier than air and will collect at lower levels
  3. c) low concentrations of natural gas can lead to Asphyxia
  4. d) If an occupant smells gas, they should immediately call the utility company


9) which of the following city agency is not a primary agency during a citywide public health emergency

  1. a) FDNY (Fire Department)
  2. B) DEP (Department of environmental protection) 
  3. C) NYPD (police department)
  4. D) DOHMH (Department of Health) 


10) Select the incorrect statement regarding Natural Hazards: 

  1. a) Tape does not prevent windows from breaking during a hurricane
  2. b) good structural performance of a building during a hurricane generally will also indicate protection from flooding 
  3. c) If not previously evacuated , during a hurricane residents should stay indoors away from windows
  4. d) Residents should be instructed not to open windows during a tornado


11) When a suspicious package is discovered , a clear zone of at least _____ feet should be evacuated and cordoned off. 

  1. a) 600 feet
  2. b) 50 feet
  3. c) 35 feet 
  4. d) 300 feet


12) Select the correct statement regarding suspicious packages: 


  1. a) HVAC system should not be shut down due to the need for building ventilation 
  2. b) people in contact with the package should wash their hands immediately
  3. c) keep a list of the people who had contact with the package only
  4. d) 


13) Select the incorrect statement regarding HVAC Systems during non fire emergencies: 

  1. a) The building engineer is expected to assist the FLSD with building ventilation systems
  2. b) one of the most important steps in protecting a building’s indoor environment is the security of outdoor air intakes
  3. c) In the event of a chemical, biological or radiological agent HVAC systems must always be shut down to prevent the contamination of the entire building
  4. d) During a CBR attack emergency egress stairs should remain pressurized


14) A stairway familiarization drill shall require building occupants to enter a building stairwell and be escorted down at least ________floors

  1. a) 1
  2. b) 10
  3. c) 3 
  4. d) 4 


15) All of the following are correct statements regarding non fire drills except: 

  1. a) Beginning one year from the date of the department’s acceptance of the buildings initial emergency action plan a non fire drill should be conducted on each floor of the building twice a year
  2. b) during the non fire drill building occupants should be instructed to call 911 first then the FLS staff
  3. c) building occupants should be instructed that fire alarm manual pull station should not be activated during an active shooter incident
  4. d) The non fire drill must be conducted through live instruction 


16) If a building owner plans a full building evacuation drill the Fire Department must be notified______ hours in advance

  1. a) 24 hours
  2. b) 48 hours
  3. c) 36 hours
  4. d) 72 hours


17) As FLSD you should instruct your staff that if they see water bubbling up from the ground or suspect a water main break they should:

  1. a) Call 911
  2. b) call Department of environmental protection 
  3. c) contact office of emergency management via website
  4. d) call 311


18) For a natural gas release inside a building affecting multiple floors which of the following is the recommended action? 

  1. a) Shelter in place
  2. b) in building relocation 
  3. c) partial evacuation
  4. d) full evacuation


19) As a FLSD you know that all of the following are true statements regarding Carbon Monoxide incidents except? 

  1. a) Carbon monoxide comes from the incomplete burning of fuel
  2. b) propane space heaters are illegal in new york city due to the danger of carbon monoxide production
  3. c) Carbon monoxide has a distinct odor, similiar to rotten eggs
  4. d) Vehicles running inside a garage is the most common carbon dioxide danger


20) If there is a civil disturbance outside your building the recommended action for the affected area of the building would be to?

  1. a) Full building evacuation 
  2. b) shelter in place
  3. c) in building relocation 
  4. d) partial evacuation


21) Select the correct statement regarding suspicious packages and bomb threats:

  1. a) If a bomb threat is made by phone the FLSD should record everything that is said
  2. b) a clear zone of 100 feet should be cordoned off if a suspicious package is identified
  3. c) If a suspicious package may contain a a hardous material type substance, the buildings HVAC system should remain on in order to remove the hazardous substance via the return air supply 
  4. d) If there is an explosion within the building the occupants should remain in place until assisted from the premises by rescue personnel


22) The FLSD should consult with which of the follwing personnel before implementing the emergency action plan?

  1. a) Office of emergency management
  2. b) Building management
  3. c) Fire and life safety staff
  4. d) tenants


23) Elevators that will be used during a non fire emergency must contain which feature? 

  1. a) Emergency Door release
  2. b) two-way communication capability 
  3. c) designated air supply
  4. d) Phase 2 capability


24) Under what circumstances should a manual pull station be activated during a non fire emergency

  1. a) The manual pull station should never be activated during a non fire emergency
  2. b) only when it’s activation will assist in building notification
  3. c) only if fire or smoke is present
  4. d) it can be activated any time the FLSD director determines is use is necessary 


25) If a building is planning a total building evacuation drill all of the following agencies must be notified except? 

  1. a) Department of Transportation 
  2. b) NYPD 
  3. c) FDNY
  4. D) office of emergency management

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