NY Fire Consultants
NY Fire Consultants

Retired Deputy Chief Rinaldi leverages his 36 years of knowledge and experience in the FDNY, in which 12 of those were as a chief officer, as a Fire & Life Safety Consultant with NY Fire Consultants Inc. Deputy Chief Rinaldi possesses indepth experience in building construction and fire prevention from private dwellings to high-rise multiple dwellings. He is also a certified instructor at NY Fire Safety Institute (NYFSI).

Rising from the rank of Firefighter in 1979 to Lieutenant in 1990, Captain in 1996, Battalion Chief in 2002 and finally Deputy Chief in 2007, Rinaldi began his FDNY carrier in Manhattan, then on to Brooklyn and with his final years of service in Queens.


  • Lieutenants Eligible Committee
  • Captains Eligible Committee
  • Communications liaison officer between FD, PD and EMS at the inception of the CFR-D program
  • Review committee for the Captains protest questions
  • Assisted with the Rescue/Save project
  • Fire Prevention Coordinator as a Battalion Chief
  • Assisted the IMT in New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina
  • Safety Chief as a Deputy in Queens
  • Assisted Queens Boro Command with the Strategic Plan for 2010
  • Assisted and coordinated operations in Queens for Hurricane Sandy in 2011
  • Assisted in taking the Fire national code and transform it into the New York City Building code
  • Worked on the new lightweight construction manual for private dwellings
  • Responsible for pre incident guides for unusual buildings in Queens
  • Responsible for reviewing emergency action plans for particular buildings in Queens


  • Graduate of CCCNY with a degree in Mechanical Technology
  • John Jay College, courses in Fire Science
  • Staten Island Community College, courses in Mechanical Engineering
  • Columbia University, Graduate of Fire Officers Management Institute
  • New York City Fire Academy

Specialized Training

  • Foam Coordinator
  • Rescue school
  • Certified First Responder
  • FOMI


  • Fire Chiefs Association: Secretary 2002-2008
  • Uniformed Fire Officers Association
  • Uniformed Firefighters Association
  • Retired Firefighters Association