NY Fire Consultants
NY Fire Consultants

Bob is co-founder and Vice President of NY Fire Consultants, Inc., co-owner of NY Fire Safety Institute, a founding partner of International Fire & Life Safety Experts LLC (IFLSE) which provides fire safety consulting services outside the NY Metro area, and a Fire & Life Safety Consultant to SAFGRU which is a security and life safety consultancy.

As a retired member of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY), Bob’s career included experience in both fire and water rescue where he gained extensive knowledge of fire codes and NYC local laws. He began his career in 1983 working in Engine 95 Ladder 36 and continued on to Engine 45 Ladder 58 in the Bronx where he was a first responder to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Bob eventually went to serve in the Special Operations Command and ultimately transferred to Marine Company 9 where he was a member until his retirement.

Bob dedicated 14 years to keeping NYC safe as an integral member of the FDNY from June 1983 to his retirement in June 1997. During that time Bob:

  • Operated at fire suppression activities under both direct and indirect supervision of company officers
  • Appointed to Engine 95 Ladder 36 Washington Heights, Inwood section of Manhattan
  • Advanced his fire fighting and rescue skills
  • Trained in water rescue emergencies; coverage area included the Hudson River and the Harlem River (including Spuyten Duyval), which is one of the most densely populated areas in NYC
  • Interacted with diverse community and neighborhood leaders in many different instances in both emergency and non emergency situations
  • Transferred to Engine 45 ladder 58 to advance his fire-fighting skills in a more diversified setting, including the West Farms Section of the Bronx which is densely constructed with residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Worked in all areas of fire-fighting in Engine, Ladder, and Rescue operations
  • Work as 18 Battalion relief aide, and interacted with and performed all duties as directed by the Chief officers, and the company officers; ensured manpower and all company and fire reports were complete and filed through the correct channels; dealt with any emergency that occurred within the battalion that required organizational skills; and was Personal Assistant to the Chief Officers assigned to the Battalion


  • NYPD – Police Officer 1983, fire arms and advance driver training
  • Tote Weld torch trained
  • Hazardous Materials Technician (40 hours)
  • Certified Lifeguard, New York City Parks Department (Ocean Certified)
  • New York State CFRD Trained
  • PADI Trained
  • NAUI Rescue Trained

Special Projects

  • Aide / Driver for Commissioner Carlos Rivera, while on a Light Duty Assignment Assisted, and drove the Fire Commissioner in day to day activities
  • Acted as the Fire Commissioner’s liaison at fire and emergency operations at the WTC bombing 1993; performed all necessary paper work and record keeping related to the position; interacted with all levels of Chief Officers, dignitaries, executives, and their families; provided information and services through actions as a liaison for the firefighter and the commissioner’s staff
  • Marine Division – Assigned as Division Aide after Commissioner Rivera’s tenure ended and performed the same duties as above for the Deputy Chief as well as the Battalion Chief In charge of the Marine Division. Dealt with all aspects of implementing the orders presented to superior officers; ensured all areas flowed smoothly and manpower was sufficient; dealt and helped with the planning of many high security issues on the water front including but not limited to Macys’ July 4 celebration, Op Sail, the reconstruction projects at pier A, security at Marine 2 quarters after it was shuttered, and many numerous tasks involving Governors Island, the ferries and the entire operation of the Marine division; was instrumental in helping to find and implement the small boat / fast response, and surface rescue operation program in effect today; was assigned and retired from Marine Company 9 as “The Firefighter”; while assigned to Marine 9, performed all duties related to the safe and effective running of the deck of the ship; expertise in all aspects of marine fire-fighting and water rescue; knowledge of basic seamanship and boat handling; scuba and fast boat trained; and personal watercraft rescue trained


  • Saint Francis College, Brooklyn, NY
  • NYC Police Academy
  • NYC Fire Academy
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Manhattan