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Sprinkler and Standpipe Certificate of Fitness Quiz

1) The Impairment coordinator must make certain notifications in the event of an impairment. All of the following must be notified except: 

a) Building Owner
b) Insurance Company
c) local Fire house
d) Alarm Company


2) The Ball Drip valve on a standpipe system should be installed in the ______position

a) horizontal
b) vertical
c) depends on the water source
d) parralell with the lower check Valve
3) If a building has a sprinkler system that contains 400 sprinkler heads, how many spare sprinkler heads must be kept on the premises? 
a) 150
b) 75
c) 12
d) 6 


4) Which of the following is not a signal type received at the Fire Alarm Panel?

a) Surge Signal
b) alarm signal
c) Supervisory Signal
d) Trouble Signal


5)  A building that contains a standpipe as it’s fire suppression system will have a Fire Department connection painted what color? 

a) white
b) green
c) yellow 
d) red 


6) A valve that allows water to flow in only one direction is known as a ______

a) Alarm valve 
b) swing valve
c) check valve 
d) Gate Valve 


7) A Sprinkler Head that has a temperature rating of 135 to 170 degrees will have its frame painted what color

a) green
b) orange 
c) uncolored
d) white


8) The maximum distance from the bottom of a gravity tank to the top floor hose outlet is?

a) 50 feet
b) 25 feet
c) 10 feet
d) 20 feet


9) The minimum acceptable air pressure inside a pressure tank is?

a) 125 psi
b) 60 psi
c) 50 psi
d) 75 psi


10) The 2008 Fire Code requires what pressure reading at the top floor stand pipe outlet?

a) 75 psi
b) 65 psi
c) 250 psi
d) 100 psi


11) If a dry pipe sprinkler system is equipped with a quick opening device, a drop of ______psi detected in the system will activate the quick opening device. 

a) 75 psi
b) 2 psi
c) 25psi
d) 50 psi


12) Your buildings standpipe is out of service. Your building is 150,000 sq. feet. How many fire guards must patrol the building until the system is restored?

a) 2
b) 4
c) 3
d) 1


13) What class of standpipe system is designed to be used by civilians and Firefighters?

a) Class 4
b) Class 1
c) Class 2
d) Class 3


14) How far from a sprinkler head should stock and equipment be placed to ensure the sprinkler head will operate effectively?

a) 24 inches
b) 18 inches
c) 36 inches
d) 12 inches


15) Post Indicator Valves, if present, shall be sealed in the ________position

a) open
b) neutral
c) closed
d) supply (parallel with the main) 


16) In New York City, Standpipe zone heights are limited to _______feet

a) 75 feet
b) 150 feet 
c) 250 feet
d) 300 feet 


17) The Standpipe/Sprinkler inspection log book should be kept on the premises for how long? 

a) 5 years 
b) 6 months
c) 3 years 
d) one year 


18) How often should a standpipe system be subjected to a hydrostatic test? 

a) 3 years
b) 5 years 
c) 2 years 
d) 1 year


19) On a standpipe system, when are the circuit breakers and fuses inspected on a Fire Pump, with a Diesel Engine System? (refer to reference guide) 

a) monthly 
b) annually 
c) semi annually
d) yearly


20) Automatic fill pumps supply water to most gravity tanks. The pumps shall fill the tank at a rate of a minimum _______gallons per minute

a) 65 gpm
b) 50 gpm
c) 100 gpm
d) 25 gpm


21) The impairment coordinator must give certain information when talking to the Fire Department Borough Dispatcher. All of the following information should be given except? 

a) location of impairment
b) length of time for impairement 
c) owners contact information 
d) Type of occupancy


22) When are the water level alarms tested on a water storage tank? ( Refer to reference guide) 

a) Annually 
b) weekly
c) monthly 
d) semi annually 


23) Which of the following pumps are designed to operate when there is a slight drop in pressure due to leakage within the system or a pressure surge? 

a) centrifugal pump
b) vertical fire pump
c) Jockey pump
d) maintenance pump


24) If your building is equipped with a hose rack the maximum length of a single hose line is__________

a) 50 feet
b) 75 feet
c) 200 feet
d) 125 feet


25) What color tag shall be placed at the control valves if a standpipe system is found to have a non-critical deficiency?

a) red 
b) green 
c) orange 
d) yellow 


26) Where should a “Riser Card” ( an approved card bearing the dates of each inspection , certificate of fitness number and the signature of the certificate of fitness holder) shall be placed where? 

a) Fire alarm panel 
b) Chief engineer’s office
c) near main water supply control valve
d) posted on door to the pump room


27) What will occur when a high velocity flow of water is abruptly shut off? 

a) water hammer
b) water spray 
c) water curtain
d) water gong


28) Which of the following types of stanpipe systems must have an accompanying sign which will read “ Dry Standpipe for Fire Department use only”

a) Dry standpipe with manual control
b) semi automatic dry standpipe system
c) Dry standpipe with no automatic water supply
d) Yard system


29)  What type of Buildings are required to have a standpipe system? 

a) If the building has 100 persons above the street level or a total of 500 persons in the entire building
b) 4 story buildings 
c) 7 story buildings 
d) buildings with a roof tank


30) Which of the following types of valves will indicate whether a standpipe system is on or off by noticing the location of the stem and the hand wheel? 

a) curb valve
b) gate valve
c) check valve
d) OS& Y valve 


31) A building that has a sprinkler system fire protection system will have the  Fire Department connection painted what color?

a) silver
b) yellow 
c) red
d) green 


32) A working area of not less than _____inches wide shall be provided and maintained in front of and around Fire Department Connections

a) 36 inches 
b) 12 inches
c) 24 inches 
d) 18 inches


33) A sprinkler head that has a temperature classification of “high” (250 to 300 degrees) will have a glass bulb of what color? 

a) Blue
b) red
c) orange 
d) black


34) A pump that is used when the water pressure available at the highest sprinkler head does not meet the demands of the sprinkler system is known as a __________pump

a) Pressure maintenance pump
b) special service pump
c) Booster pump
d) vertical turbine pump


35) The vertical supply pipes in a sprinkler system are known as ______

a) Branch lines 
b) Feed mains p
c) loop main
d) risers 


36) Sprinkler heads shall not be pisitioned more than __________inches below the ceiling

a) 18 inches
b) 22 inches
c) 12 inches 
d) 6 inches


37) On a sprinkler System, when sre the circuit breakers or fuses maintained on a fire pump with a diesel engine System (Refer to Reference Guide) 

a) semi annually
b) weekly
c) quarterly
d) annually


38) Select the incorrect statement regarding sprinkler heads.

a) Sprinkler heads covered with light dust can be brushed clean
b) a 1/2 inch standard sprinkler head discharges 20 gallons per minute at 25 psi
c) Hard deposits can be removed from a sprinkler head using warm soap and water
d) Sprinkler heads exposed to corrosive conditions are covered with a protective coat of wax


39) Which of the following is not a component of a sprinkler head? 

a) Frame 
b) cap
c) deflector 
d) impeller


40) When is the foam water solution tested on a sprinkler system? (refer to reference guide) 

a) Annually
b) 5 years 
c) quarterly
d) monthly


41) During a test of the sprinkler system it is noted that the water motor and gong are not functioning. what color tag should be placed on the system? (refer to reference guide) 

a) red 
b) green
c) orange 
d) yellow 

42) In a foam extinguishing system, what color should the Fire Department Foam Connection be? 

a) Green with a white band 
b) orange with a red band 
c) red with an orange band 
d) yellow with an orange band



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