NY Fire Consultants
NY Fire Consultants

Saturdays: Active Shooter / Medical Emergency (FLSD) Component #3 AS/ME

Course Description

This is Component #3 of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) accredited course for Fire and Life Safety Director (FSLD). The course provides 4-hours of instruction in one class.

To completed the requirements for Fire and Life Safety Director (FSLD) Component #1 Fire Safety Director and Compontent #2 (Non-Fire Emergencies) and Component must also be taken.

 The course provides 4-hours of instruction followed by a 20 question exam.

Pre-requisite for FLSD F-89: 1.5 years of Fire Safety related experience, including 6 months of experience in one property.
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Current F-25, F-58 and F-59 C of F holders must bring to the class a clear copy of their C of F. Holders of F-59 only bring the F-59

FDNY requires that you attend all 4 hours and receive a mark of 70% on NYFSI’s final exam for this course. Those passing with a mark of 70% or higher are granted a letter from NYFSI, which must be presented at the Fire Department.


About the FDNY Certificate of Fitness

Procedures for New Candidates

Phase 1-Candidates obtains an F-85 C of F

  1. Complete and pass FSD course (20 hours), obtain FSD school diploma/letter.
  2. Complete and pass Active Shooter and Medical Emergency Preparedness course (4 hours). Obtain the school diploma/letter.
  3. Take and pass the FSD exam at the Fire Department.
  4. If the candidate meets the experience and qualification requirements the FDNY will issue you a Certificate of Completion.
  5. Schedule the FSD on-site and take the on-site practical test
  6. Hand in the Active Shooter and Medical Emergency Preparedness school diploma.
  7. Pass the FSD on-site to receive the F-85 C of F.

Phase 2- become a T-89 C of F holder.

  1. Complete and pass the EAP course (7 hours).
  2. Obtain the EAP school diploma/letter.
  3. Take and pass the EAP exam at the Fire Department.
  4. Obtain the Z-59 letter from the Fire Department.
  5. Before the Z-59 letter expires, submit a letter from building owner stating that the comprehensive plan hasn’t been accepted. The FDNY will issue the T-89 C of F card.
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All classes are taught at NY Fire Safety Institute, in The New Yorker, A Wyndham Hotel, Suite 618 (8th Avenue at West 34th Street). See below for directions.
An FDNY approved and accredited school

Saturday Classes

The 4 hour Saturday AS/ME class starts at 10:30 am followed by an 20 question test

PRICE: $145

(includes book)