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On-Line Preparation for Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems and Other Related Systems C of F Test (S-95) Evening Class


Course Description

We offer preparation on-line course for the FDNY S-95 Certificates of Fitness for the Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems and Other Related Systems:


1. NYFSI will  take attendance at the beginning of a class during the online classroom session, This is to insure that only the person who signed up and paid for the class in on-line.

2. NYFSI will provide all the students with classroom manual for review prior to the scheduled online class session. This manual will be distributed to the student via email to the email address provided.  This course must be paid for before the Manual is electronically send. 

3. This on-line platform will have the ability for group chat during the online session.

This is a preparatory course for the Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems and Other Related Systems Certificate of Fitness Examination given by the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). Any building with a fire alarm system or other related system, such as a sub-system, is required to have an individual holding a Certificate of Fitness for Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems and Other Related Systems (S-95) physically present.


Additional Info

The Fire Code that was adopted in July 2008 vastly changed the requirements for
the supervision of all fire alarm systems. The code prior only required supervision
for Interior Fire Alarm Systems. The 2008 Fire Code affects thousands of fire
alarm systems in buildings which previously did not require a Certificate of
Fitness holder (C of F). Fire Alarm Systems installed in New York City are subject
to the regulations enforced by the FDNY. This preparation course will provide
information so that applicants can properly prepare for the examination.

A fire alarm system may include but not limit to one/some of the following
1. Standpipe fire pump
2. Sprinkler booster fire pump
3. Standpipe(limited service fire pump)
4. Other (specify)
5. Emergency voice/alarm communication system
6. Fire Department communication system
7. Carbon monoxide alarms and detectors
8. Automatic sprinkler systems
9. Alternative automatic fire-extinguishing system
10. Automatic fire alarm systems
11. Manual fire alarm systems
12. Manual and automatic fire alarm systems
13. Emergency alarm systems (gas detection system)
14. Smoke control systems
15. Fire command center
16. Post-fire smoke purge systems
17. Sub-systems (Range hood, halon and FM200 etc.)
18. Auxiliary Radio Communication System (ARCS)

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Weekday Classes

Our On-Line Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems and Other Related Systems C of F Test (S-95) Preparation class is Virtual Training course. The course is designed to help you pass the Fire Department’s Certificate of Fitness test for Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems and Other Related Systems C of F Test (S-95).

This course only accepts Credit Card payments.

All Classes are held on-line when needed. Call 718-432-1600 for more information.

PRICE: $130

(includes book)