NY Fire Consultants
NY Fire Consultants

NY State Security Officers Training (Annual Renewal Refresher Class)

( Licensed and Registered by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice)

Course Description

To all our client and students that support NY Fire Consultants and the NY Fire Safety Institute. We want to make you aware of the precautions we are taking to limit the spread of the Coronavirus 19. We have had our maintenance staff bleach all the classroom tables, chairs and bathrooms. We are using a Clorox and water solution. We have stocked our bathrooms with antibacterial hand soap and Purell hand sanitizer. We have always done this, but we have increased the frequency of the cleanings. All students are urged to use common sense in that if you feel ill please don’t come to the class. Just notify us and we will reschedule your training program to a time when you are feeling better. We have urged our instructors to be vigilant in the observation to any excessive coughing or sneezing. If that is detected, we will ask the student to leave the class and reschedule their training. We are taking these precautions to protect all involved. Please pay attention to your own health and what your body is telling you and again If your sick stay home.

The Management Staff of NY Fire Consultants and NY Fire Safety Institute.

Become a Professional and Trusted Security Guard in New York

NY State Security Officers Training (Annual Refresher Renewal Class) 

Presented by Security Academy of New York

This is only for the Annual Renewal Refresher Class. Each year your license must be renewed. You
must be re-certified each year, so that your license can be renewed every two years.

8 Hour Annual In-Service Training - This course must be completed each calendar year you hold a security guard registration. Your registration is issued for two years, therefore, you must complete two 8 Hour Annual Renewal Refresher training courses within your registration effective and expiration dates to be eligible for renewal. 

  • For additional information regarding class schedule please call 516 444-9686


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All classes are taught at The NY Fire Safety Institute, in Suite 618, Wyndham New Yorker Hotel, Suite 618 (8th Avenue at West 34th Street). See below for directions.
An FDNY approved and accredited school

Annual-renewal Classes

Our 8-hour Annual Renewal classes are held on either Tuesdays or Thursday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Annual renewal refresher class – 8 Hours one day

Dec 3rd (1pm to 4pm) & 5th (5pm to 9pm) classes are two 4 hour classes

Sunday classes start at 10:00 am

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PRICE: $50