Construction Site Watch Person (S-60 C of F) & Construction Site Watch Person (No C of F Required)

Construction site Watch Persons will be required to possess the S-60 Certificate of Fitness card.

S-60 Certificate of Fitness is only valid provided the C of F holder maintains a current New York State security license.

The S-60 Certificate of Fitness holder must keep the Certificates of Fitness and the NYS security license upon his or her person, or otherwise readily available for inspection by any representative of the Department, at all times while performing the duty of a watchperson.

The S-60 Certificate of Fitness is only designed for certifying watchpersons at construction site. A S-60 Certificate of Fitness holder is not authorized to perform the duties of other Certificates of Fitness.

At least one S-60 Watchperson is required at any construction site having a footprint of between 5,000 square feet and 40,000 square feet.

A Watch Person (S-60) shall be on duty from the time the work stops to midnight. A competent watchperson must be on duty from midnight to the time works starts. This requirement starts from the time when the foundation is poured to when all work has concluded, and the certificate of occupancy or temporary certificate of occupancy has been issued.

Where the building has a footprint of more than 40,000 square feet, at least one additional S-60 watchperson must be on duty for each additional 40,000 square feet of building footprint, or fraction thereof.


  1. Where the construction site requires two or more watchpersons, the number of watchpersons may be reduced, subject to the approval of the commissioner, where:
  • An alarm or video monitoring system is in place, or where the layout of the building allows a continuous line of sight across the entire building; and
  • At least one watchperson is provided.
  1. The building is being actively monitored in accordance with a fire safety and evacuation plan approved by the Fire Department in accordance with the New York City Fire Code.

Watch Person (S-60) at Construction Sites

  • Holds a valid Watch Person C of F (S-60) and OSHA 10 for major buildings
  • Required from when work stops for the day until Midnight

Watchperson (No C of F)

  • A watchperson is required from Midnight until work is started at the construction or demolition site occupies an area of 5,000 sq/ft up to 40,000 sq/ft. If the area is greater than 40,000 sq/ft, an additional watchperson will be on the premises. The watch person must maintain a bound logbook.
  • The watchperson is not required to hold a C of F or take the OSHA 10 hour training.

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