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On-Line Construction Site Fire Safety Manager (S-56)


Course Description

We now offer Construction Site Fire Safety Manager (S-56) on-line

Required Criteria for online training:
This course content will be virtual face to face technology learning platform. “Zoom” platform.

The platform utilizes interactive conferencing.

The platform allows the instructor to see and talk with all the students in real time inside the virtual face to face classroom the whole time the class is in session.

The online class session will be live with the instructor present at all times.

The live instructor will be visible on the student’s computer screen at all times. The students computer also screen will present the PowerPoint training the instructor is presenting.

The instructor should be able to see each student in the classroom session.

1. All students are required to provide the NYFSI a valid government issued photo identification document such as a State-issued Drivers’ License or Non Driver’s License or a passport at the beginning of a class. This process allows the online instructor to verify the correct person is online during the classroom session. A color copy of the students ID must be emailed to info@nyfiresafe.com

2. NYFSI will retain all the attendance records for auditors of FDNY at any time.

3. NYFSI is required to take attendance at the beginning of a class during the online classroom session, when returned from breaks and at the end of session attendance must be taken the instructor. Attendance must be taken by confirming that the student is online and his/her camera is active. Students camera must remain active the entire time of the class is in session. Student may turn off camera during a break until the class resumes. Any student who leaves the cameras view without permission at any time must be marked absent from the class.

4. NYFSI will provide all the students with classroom manual for review prior to the scheduled online class session. This manual will be distributed to the student via email to the email address provided.  The FLSD course must be paid for before the FLSD Manual is electronically send. 

5. This on-line platform will have the ability for group chat during the online session.

6. Practical skills exercise or hand on demonstrations will be presented by the on-line instructors camera.

7. The instructor-to-student ratio is limited to not exceed twenty (25) students per class.

8. The graduation test must be conducted in person at the school under the supervision of an proctor or instructor

Students will required to have a Computer, Laptop or I-Pad with a camera

The final school exam will be administered online .
This is the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) certified course for the Construction Site Fire Safety Manager.

FDNY requires that you attend all classes and receive a mark of 70% on NYFSI’s final exam for this course. Those passing with a mark of 70% or higher are granted a diploma from NYFSI, which must be presented at the Fire Department.


Additional Info

The S-56 Certificate of Fitness is required where a Site Safety Manager or Site Safety Coordinator is required by the Building Code for a construction site. The Construction Site Fire Safety Manager (CSFSM) shall conduct an inspection of the construction site and all fire safety measures on at least a daily basis, and maintain a record when construction, demolition and alteration work is being conducted.

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Weekday Classes

This course only accepts Credit Card payments. If you indicate that you want to pay by check, we will contact you for a credit card payment.

Photo ID and Payment must be sent in 48 hours before the first day of class.

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PRICE: $235

(includes book)