NY Fire Consultants
NY Fire Consultants

These quiz questions are intended to assist students as they prepare for both in class exams and FDNY computer-based exams.  The questions test students' knowledge of the FDNY study material.  The questions are not actual not actual exam questions.  Rather, the quiz questions are relevant to topics students should master in order to prepare for the exam.


1) Fire Guards are required to patrol the entire homeless shelter ________

  1. a) every 15 minutes 
  2. b) once a day 
  3. c) every hour 
  4. d) once per shift 


2) Which of the following is not a stage of a  fire ? 

  1. a) smoldering 
  2. b) Backdraft
  3. c) incipient 
  4. d) Free Burning 


3) Drills in Homeless Shelters should be conducted ________ 

  1. a) Weekly on each shift 
  2. b) monthly on each shift 
  3. c) quarterly on each shift 
  4. d) Annually on each shift 


4) The type of signal that indicates a monitored device has been compromised or is in an abnormal state is a __________ signal

  1. a) Supervisory 
  2. b) Trouble 
  3. c) Alert
  4. d) Alarm 


5) Portable Fire Extinguishers should be inspected ___________ 

  1. a) Daily 
  2. b) weekly
  3. c) Annually 
  4. d) Monthly 


6) Which of the following detection devices must be replaced after it has activated ? 

  1. a) Manual pull station 
  2. b) Duct smoke detector 
  3. c) Fixed temperature heat detector 
  4. d) Rate of Rise Heat detector 


7) When taking an alarm system off line , all of the following information must be placed in the log book except? 

  1. a) Reason the system was taken off line 
  2. b) The time the system was placed back on line 
  3. c) The date of the last time the system was inspected 
  4. d) The name and badge number of the central station operator 


8) If a standpipe or sprinkler system is impaired in a shelter , a fire guard for impairement  is required for every __________ feet 

  1. a) 10,000
  2. b) 50,000
  3. c) 15,000
  4. d) 25,000 


9) Which of the following extinguishers would be used to extinguish a combustible metal fire? 

  1. a) Class D 
  2. b) Class A 
  3. c) Class BC 
  4. d) Class K 


10) The Fire alarm system shall have a secondary power supply which provides power to the alarm system within _____________ of failure of the primary power supply. 

  1. a) 1 minute 
  2. b) 2 minutes 
  3. c) 10 seconds 
  4. d) 45 seconds 


11) Who must participate in Fire Drills which are held in homeless shelters ? 

  1. a) Only the FEP staff 
  2. b) All building occupants 
  3. c) Only permanent residents 
  4. d) Only persons listed in The Fire Safety and Evacuation plan 


12) It is the responsability og the F-80 holder to ensure ________ keys are kept st the Fire Alarm Control Panel 

  1. a) Six 1620 elevator keys
  2. b) Six 2642 Elevator keys 
  3. c) Two 1620 elevator keys 
  4. d) Twelve 2642 elevator keys 


13) The F-80 Holder must ensure a ________ test of Phase one and Phase 2 elevator operations 

  1. a) Monthly 
  2. b) Weekly 
  3. c) semi annual
  4. d) Annual 


14) Manual pull stations shall be located within ________ feet of the exit doorway opening 

  1. a) 25 feet
  2. b) 5 feet 
  3. c) 10 feet 
  4. d) 2.5 feet 


15) Which type of Alarm method activates the audio visual devices only on the floor of the alarm as well as the floor immediately above and below the alarm? 

  1. a) General Alarm method 
  2. b) Supervisory alarm method 
  3. c) Selective alarm method 
  4. d) Routine alarm method 


16) Select the incorrect statement regarding Central Station Transmitters : 

  1. a) It is a device that receives alarm signals from protected premises and retransmits those signals to the Fire Department 
  2. b) F-80 holders are permtted to test and maintain the central station transmitter 
  3. c) When a transmitter malfunctions , the F-80 holder must notify the central station 
  4. d) Central station must be approved by the Fire Department 


17) The vertical piping that supplies water for standpipe systems are called: 

  1. a) Risers 
  2. b) Runners 
  3. c) Branch Lines 
  4. d) City mains 


18) Portable Fire Extinguishers are required to checked by a W-96 certificate of fitness holder when? 

  1. a) Monthly 
  2. b) Weekly 
  3. c) Every 5 years 
  4. d) Annually 


19) Logbooks should be maintained on the premises for a period of __________ from the date of the last entry 

  1. a) 5 years 
  2. b) 1 year
  3. c) 10 years 
  4. d) 3 years 


20) Shelters must be provided with noncombustible waste containers with tight fitting lids. At least one container must be provided for each ___________ persons in each occupied area of the shelter. 

  1. a) 100
  2. b) 50
  3. c) 25
  4. d) 200


21) The F-80 holder should take all of the following steps when placing a fire protection system out of service except: 

  1. a) Notify the central station 
  2. b) Notify the insurance company 
  3. c) Notify Adjoining buildings
  4. d) Notify the Owner 


22) All of the following are Building Fire protection features that are normally activated by the fire alarm system except: 

  1. a) Fire Dampers close
  2. b) Elevator recall
  3. c) HVAC shutdown 
  4. d) All Call communication activation 


23) Who is responsible   to prepare the shelters Emergency preparedness plan ? 

  1. a) F-80 Certificate of Fitness Holder
  2. b) Owner 
  3. c) Building Manager
  4. d) Fire Department Fire prevention unit 


24) Select the incorrect statement regarding Fire alarm sub systems :

  1. a) The F-80 Holder is responsible for supervising the sub system 
  2. b) Sub Systems are not interconnected to the base building fire alarm system 
  3. c) The Fire Department will be notified if a subsystem is activated 
  4. d) Sub systems will have a seperate panel that is connected to the main fire alarm panel.


25) Which one of the follwing detectors will cause an automatic recall of the elevators? 

  1. a) Beam Detector
  2. b) Duct Smoke Detector 
  3. c) Elevator lobby smoke detector 
  4. d) Area smoke detector