NY Fire Consultants
NY Fire Consultants
1. Which of the following is a concern in places of Public Assembly?


A. No water supply
B. lack of windows
C. occupants lack of familiarity with the building design
D. lack of fire department access


2. In New York, places of assembly safety personnel are required when more than ______ people are gathered indoors.


A. 200
B. 100
C. 75 
D. 50


3. Where must the certificate of fitness holder keep their certificate of fitness? 


A. at home 
B. in their private vehicle 
C. on file at Fire Department Headquarters 
D. upon his or her person, or otherwise readily available for inspection 


4. Upon discovery of a possible overcrowding condition in your assigned area, who should you notify immediately?


A. your supervisor  
B. owner 
C. Field public communications unit
D. Department of Buildings 


5. How often must safety inspections be conducted in a premise being used and occupied for a performance?


A. monthly
B. daily 
C. weekly 
D. hourly 

6. Prior to a performance taking place, the event coordinator should make an audio announcement _____minutes before the start of the performance informing the occupants of the location of the exits.


A. 30
B. 60
C. 10
D. 5 


7. In places of public assembly, space being occupied by standing audience members must be separated from space left clear for passage. This is done by using rope, tape, or barriers at a height not less than ______ feet above the floor.


A. 5 feet 
B. 10 feet 
C. 3 feet 
D. 1 foot 


8. How many rows of people shall be allowed to stand in the balconies of theaters? 


A. one 
B. two
C. three 
D. four


9. The FDNY highly recommends that public assembly safety personnel be equipped with all of the following except: 


A. flashlight
B. cell phone 
C. walkie talkie 
D. bull horn 


10. All of the following actions should be taken in the event of an active shooter event except? 


A. turn on house lights 
B. activate manual fire alarm pull stations 
C. return to your designated work location
D. Provide the 911 operator with the name of the shooter


11. Portable fire extinguishers should be hung so that the bottom of the extinguisher is not less than _____ inches from the floor.


A. 12
B. 6 
C. 4 
D. 18 


12. Which of the following portable fire extinguishers is recommended for use on fires involving vegetable oils? 


A. Class C 
B. Class A
C. Class K 
D. Class BC 


13. What class of fire extinguisher is represented by a pictorial symbol of a gas can?


A. Class K 
B. Class D 
C. Class A 
D. Class B 


14. How often should portable fire extinguishers be inspected?


A. weekly 
B. daily 
C. monthly 
D. yearly

15. New portable fire extinguisher tags will contain all of the following security features except: 


A. Hologram 
B. Certificate of fitness stamp 
C. clear protective case 
D. QR Code 


16. The hologram on a newly issued portable fire extinguisher tag will change color from silver to gold as it is moved against the light. 


A. True
B. False


17. All manual fire-alarm pull stations installed or relocated after April 1, 1984 should be located within _____ feet of every exit doorway opening.


A. 25 feet
B. 5 feet
C. 2 feet
D. 50 feet 


18. Select the incorrect statement regarding manual fire alarm pull stations:


A. Single action stations require only one step to activate the alarm 
B. The handle of a pull station should be approximately 2 feet from the floor 
C. Double-action pull stations require 2 steps to activate the alarm
D. A manual fire alarm pull station must be reset only by an S-95 certificate of fitness holder


19. A sprinkler system will discharge water when_______.


A. a valve is turned on 
B. when the system is activated by the alarm company
C. a rise in temperature to a predetermined level causes the sprinkler head to open
D. The fire department manually activates the system 


20. A fire protection system that is designed to provide rapid access to water in the event a fire breaks out is known as a __________.


A. standpipe system 
B. sprinkler system 
C. water mist system 
D. an alarm system 


21. To be an effective place of assembly safety personnel, it is recommended that you become familiar with ___________.


A. the exits 
B. the location of portable fire extinguishers
C. the fire safety and evacuation plan 
D. all the above are correct 


22. All of the following are duties of the place of assembly safety personnel except? 


A. maintaining the safety of the occupants during a gathering 
B. assisting in implementing the evacuation plan in the event of an emergency 
C. maintaining clear exits
D. providing emergency first aid in the event of a medical emergency 


23. In a theater, if a passageway is more than 16 feet deep, any number of persons may stand in that passageway, provided that an unobstructed passageway of ____ feet in depth is provided. 


A. 20 
B. 10
C. 5 
D. 10


24. In temporary places of assembly taking place outdoors, what size tank of compressed natural gas is allowed? 


A. 25 pounds 
B. 10 pounds 
C. 5 pounds 
D. no amount of compressed natural gas is allowed at outdoor public gatherings 


25. Assembly events with attendance over _______ people may have an on-site emergency health care facility.


A. 500
B. 5,0000
C. 250
D. 1,000